Staffing & Human Resources

EOD's and IED’s—Similarly Destructive
May 8, 2015

Organizations are like cars. They need a manual. We give employees an employee manual—a guide to how the human should behave. But, we rarely create and maintain an operational manual—a guide to how the business works.

Nonprofit Staffing: Maintaining Corporate Identity When Growth Occurs
May 1, 2015

Corporate growth is almost always a good thing. It can augment the bottom line, create new jobs and open new business opportunities. Yet, expansion can sometimes create unforeseen human resource issues, especially in small organizations. In a rush to fill the personnel gap growth creates, companies often accelerate staffing actions without first assuring structures are in place to maintain organizational identity.

9 Employment Law Landmines
May 1, 2015

In the U.S., employment regulation and litigation have a significant impact on the way companies, including not-for-profit companies (NFPs) operate. Federal, state, and local laws govern just about every phase of employment, and NFPs must comply with these laws in the same way as for-profit companies.

We All Need a Confidant at Work
April 6, 2015

While it is rare, Richard and I have found some of the best MGOs and managers are ones who collaborate, who go out of their way to seek counsel and have real confidants at work.

Good to Great: Growth Strategies for Up-and-Coming Nonprofits
April 1, 2015

There are lots and lots of very good, very worthy nonprofit organizations out there. But how many truly "great" charities are there? You know, nonprofits that run efficient programs, maximize fundraising and operate as a unified, holistic organization?

How Do You Deal With Nonprofit Professional Potholes?
March 6, 2015

Fundraising employment transition becomes a pothole in a sense that it causes disruption, loss of revenue, loss of relationships and many other negative implications. Think about your job experiences. Do you mandate a complete debrief of information when your employees leave employment? Do you ask board members to help bridge significant relationships to keep engagement and donor momentum in place? Do you provide new fundraising professional hires with solid prospect and donor information gleaned from former employees? How can this issue be dealt with in a positive way, especially when some departures are negative in scope?  

10 Ways to Always Be Prepared for Your Next Nonprofit Job
February 13, 2015

When we chose this field, we knew it might take 10 jobs to get us from career beginning to end. Even if you feel "secure" in your current position, always prepare for your next job. It will be here before you know it!