Reaching Out — and Reclaiming the Relationship
January 29, 2015

Pay particular attention to renewing your relationships with those loyal supporters as you reach out to potential new donors. Never make the mistake of thinking that one can replace the other.

6 Ways to Raise More Money Without New Donors!
November 4, 2013

You don’t need a single new donor to raise more money. Given that the cost to acquire a new donor is often $1, or more, for every $1 raised, finding a new donor does not even help most organizations with short-term mission fulfillment. So, how can you raise significantly more money for mission fulfillment without acquiring new donors? Here are just six ideas: 1. Ask for more. 2. Send a second-gift appeal. 3. Recruit monthly donors. 4. Get a challenge grant. 5. Retain donors. 6. Ask for planned gifts.

Get a Second Gift: The Toughest Job of All
October 31, 2013

Bad news for entry-level fundraisers. When you send out a prospecting letter, and new donors respond — most of them will never give you a second gift. Why does this happen? Probably because a lot of new donors respond on a sudden impulse. Then later, if that impulse is not triggered again, they are not interested. Their lives have moved on.

So how do you attack this situation? You begin with — yes — a thank-you letter.

Engage Conference Spotlight: The Multichannel Renewal Campaign
February 25, 2013

Let's face the facts, there is no such thing as single-channel fundraising any longer, not even for renewal campaigns. In our November 2012 issue, direct-response fundraising guru Roger Craver, editor of the Agitator and member of the FS Editorial Advisory Board, laid out the keys to a renewal program in this feature, "The Multichannel Renewal Campaign."