The Secrets of Direct Mail for Nonprofits
October 13, 2022 at 9:11 am

Fundraising is the biggest challenge nonprofit organizations face. There are, however, tried-and-true methods that are essential to the success of a campaign. One of the most effective methods of marketing for nonprofits is direct mail. 

Direct Mail Personalization Pays Off
September 9, 2022 at 10:29 am

As a nonprofit, every penny spent on direct mail needs to be accounted for. It also needs to be justified. However, if you find a simple way to increase your ROI, you should jump all over it. That simple thing is direct mail personalization.

3 Steps to Create the Ultimate Donor Retention Plan
March 31, 2022 at 12:17 pm

Retaining donors is difficult and retaining a significant number of donors is rare among nonprofits. However, effective donor retention is possible with a retention plan that takes into account why your donors give to your nonprofit, works to build personal connections and gives donors the flexibility they need to continue giving to your organization. 

What Is Your Nonprofit Board Hiding?
December 11, 2019 at 11:44 am

The board meeting has ended. The results included discussion and action around program results, finances, strategy, compliance, etc.

Donor Relationship Transformation Through Personalization
July 30, 2019 at 11:51 am

The donor giving path today is very different from that of the past. Not so long ago you could draw a straight line from the mailbox to a donation. But for modern constituents—the Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials alike—their journey is far more tangled.