Search and You Will Find
April 1, 2005

The next time one of your donors performs a Web search, your organization could see 50 cents in gross revenue.

Freelanthropy, a new online-services provider founded to help nonprofits develop branding and communications solutions through Web publishing, e-mail marketing, and search and navigation, has developed the Freelanthropy Toolbar for donors and prospects to download and use for free, with all sponsored-search revenue and affiliate-merchant sales split evenly between Freelanthropy and the individual user’s preferred charity.

Rebranding on the Web — and Then Some
September 1, 2004

In April, the United States Fund for UNICEF relaunched its Web site,, to accommodate the recent global rebranding of UNICEF, add user and donor functionality, and increase overall Web visibility.

Partnering with Internet-software and -services firm Kintera, the organization focused on three core elements: fundraising, advocacy and education. Among the many new features, the site now captures member data for a more personalized Web experience, deploys eNews and allows visitors to take immediate action on children’s issues.

Show 'Em Your Wares
November 1, 2003

How can a $20 lace nightgown help fight cancer? What good can a candle shaped like a moccasin be to a child whose family can’t afford to send him to school?