Resolutions, Reminders and the Mobile Revolution

If you’re like most people, you probably made a New Year’s resolution to be healthier — quit smoking … eat less … exercise more. (We hope you’ve stuck with all or part of those resolutions at this stage too!)

Perhaps you joined a gym to help you accomplish those aspirations. And, presumably you entered the gym at least once (to sign up?). While you were there, you likely noticed (and maybe used?) the equipment: recumbent bikeselliptical machinesdreadmills (no that’s not a typo) … StairMasters … you get the idea!

Anyway, the point is there isn’t one type of machine there to exercise on. Why? Because not only are certain individuals partial to certain types of exercise, but there are even people who like to use different pieces of equipment at different times.

Direct-response fundraising isn’t too much different. Your donors like to give to you — you know this because they already have. And you should remember that when they want to give to you, you should make sure they have the right equipment available to do so. Whether that is a donation form that prepopulates when they click on a link in their e-mail or a direct-mail piece that shows up reminding them to give with a compelling message, the point is that donors don’t want to be restricted to giving the way you want them to give. Rather, they should be able to give the way they want to give — at the time they want to give. More importantly, perhaps by having all these different types of tools, you’ll attract more new donors as well.

Getting fit in 2013?
So, how is the health of your direct-response program? Did you resolve to get your fundraising operation in better shape in 2013? What does your equipment look like? Are you offering your donors choices? Giving them the avenues to achieve their philanthropic goals? As the savvy fundraiser that you are, you’ve likely optimized your online donation forms and website (good job), strategically segmented your direct mail (are you moving beyond “one-size-fits-all”?) and are working hard to better integrate your data for 2013 (we know — this is a tough one!).

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