Karin Kirchoff

Karin Kirchoff
Finding Your Direct-Mail Donors — Online

Most of the donors in our databases were acquired offline — through direct mail, events or other means. How do we target them with relevant online display ads to encourage them to take action online? Or donate online or offline? Magic? No … through direct-response, cookie-based targeting.

Mobile Madness

If your organization’s messages aren’t getting read, your constituents aren’t engaging. And if they aren’t engaging, they probably aren’t donating. Our quick check of nonprofit emails in our inboxes suggests that the vast majority are not mobile-friendly.

Facebook Ads: Hip? Hype? Or Huh?

Now that we’ve been through an end-of-year campaign and a major disaster (Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines), what do Facebook advertising results look like? Short answer: small but promising.

Retargeting Revealed

Doctors Without Borders uses new marketing best practices to extend its reach with "remarketing" and "retargeting" ads.

Facebook, Fundraising and the Dawn of a New Age

The potential of Facebook for fundraising and nonprofit communications may actually be understated now. Still, it’s unlikely that Facebook will be highly effective as a stand-alone tool. Its real power comes as part of integrated campaigns and constituent-level strategies across channels. Facebook touches can acquire new supporters, help convert more supporters to donors and raise more money from your donor file.

Everything but the Kitchen ... Sync!

Integrated data systems are critical to enabling constituent-centric communications across channels, which, in turn, is key to your relationship with donors and fundraising results.

Resolutions, Reminders and the Mobile Revolution

How is the health of your direct-response program? Did you resolve to get your fundraising operation in better shape in 2013? What does your equipment look like? Are you offering your donors choices? Giving them the avenues to achieve their philanthropic goals?

Shake Off the Blues and Bring on the Boomers

We know the baby boomer population is huge, but we also know relatively few boomers donate even though they are hitting prime giving age. So what do the boomers want, and how do we capture and engage them?

A Dozen Year-End Fundraising Ideas

No time like the present to start your year-end fundraising planning. To get you going, our early Christmas gift to you is 12 new and old ideas to make this year even better than last — maybe your best ever!

The Value of an Expectation

What's the key to improving donor satisfaction scores and, with that, donor value? A donor-centric approach founded on integrated and personalized multichannel communications is the answer.

The 7 Steps to Multichannel Success

We live in a multichannel world. We're used to getting information from multiple sources. And so are donors. If we do it so easily in our daily lives, why is multichannel fundraising so hard?

Oceana Dives Into Multichannel Marketing

Check out this recent Oceana campaign. It not only used Web, e-mail, mail and telemarketing, but it also had good 
message flow, contact cadence and a campaign theme that resonated with the organization's constituents.