Mary Elizabeth Granger & Associates Inc.

For nearly 30 years, MEGA has been recognized as one of the industry’s most trusted list brokerage and management companies. From religious fundraisers to health-related charities to overseas missions appeals, MEGA’s knowledgeable and dedicated staff skillfully assists and guides our clients in the planning, implementation and analysis of their list acquisition programs.

List Brokerage

Our team of highly-experienced list brokers functions as an extension of our clients’ marketing and development staffs and excel at providing customized and comprehensive list plans designed to build a customer base that can provide long-term value and future growth. We relish our role as strategic partners and take tremendous pride in our ability to meet, and in many cases, exceed the goals set forth by our clients.

List Management

When it comes to marketing our clients’ lists, MEGA’s list managers have the knowledge, experience and determination to increase both exposure and profitability. With an emphasis on maximizing our clients’ list rental income and widening list exchange opportunities, we work with our clients to provide realistic and attainable financial goals, develop a marketing plan utilizing creative file segmentation strategies, and use every avenue available to actively and visibly promote our clients’ lists.

• List Brokerage

• List Management

• Merge Purge & Dupe Elimination

• Data Analysis

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