Nancy E. Schwartz

Maplewood, NJ, September 9, 2009 – Nonprofit professionals in every field can learn how to strengthen their own organization's tagline, and help select some of the best in class, by voting in the 2009 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards competition.

We all know the power of a tagline when it comes to branding an organization's name and mission. However, a 2008 survey by showed that 72 percent of nonprofit organizations don't have a tagline or rate theirs as performing poorly. Now through July 31, organizations can enter the recently launched 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Awards and be a part of the 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Report.

At the Getting Attention blog, nonprofit marketing expert Nancy E. Schwartz offers a link to a nine-page primer on nonprofit branding. Some highlights: What is branding? * Branding is the art of creating a consistent, recognizable and clear, unified voice or personality that conveys your organization’s uniqueness, focus and values. * A brand is more than a logo, packaging or design. * A brand constitutes the essence and values of an organization’s work, product or service. The organization’s image and brand equity are developed by how its personality is perceived. * A brand is the sum total of key ideas, emotions, physical attributes and

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