Meta Brophy

In the session "Green Your Fundraising to Meet Donor Expectations" presented at the DMA Nonprofit Federation's 2009 New York Nonprofit Conference, Meta Brophy, director of publishing operations at Consumers Union, and Anne Zaleski, production manager at the National Wildlife Federation, shared tips on how nonprofits can reduce and improve the environmental impacts of their direct-marketing programs.

Meta Brophy, director of publishing operations for Consumers Union, publishers of Consumer Reports, shares tips for how organizations can "green" their fundraising operations, which she presented a session on at the DMANF's 2009 New York Nonprofit Conference.

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Encouraged by green prospects, pushed by the DMA and sometimes impelled from within (perhaps to simply slim down a package), many mailers already have begun to test into green packages. Some, however, don’t know where to begin. So, whether you consider these baby steps or giant leaps, here are three ways to create the green mail piece. 1. Make a New Year’s resolution As if hit by a green tidal wave, many direct mailers feel overwhelmed by the new information. Fortunately, the DMA helps with two significant resource materials. First is the DMA Environmental Resource for Direct Marketers (, updated in 2004 and available

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