Lacey Kruger

In a Convio-sponsored webinar at the end of May, Lacey Kruger and Don Roach, senior interactive architect and art director, respectively, at Convio, shared tips and strategies that can help organizations enhance their homepages to maximize engagement.

“Both [McCain’s and Obama’s Web] sites use drop-down navigation, which is not a favorite among information architecture professionals. Now, granted, these are campaign sites and they have a TON of information to convey but the drawback to drop-down menus is that they provide a kind of information overload from the get-go so that it’s really difficult for users to make a decision about where to go. So, that’s a strike for both sites and it really counteracts the fact that they did alright with their number of navigation options.” — Sept. 23, “Presidential Online Scorecard: Navigation” posted by Lacey Kruger on Convio’s Connection Cafe

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