Kristin McCurry

BOWIE, MD, Jan. 11, 2010 —CDR Fundraising Group, an industry leader in integrated fundraising and marketing for nonprofits, is pleased to announce the acquisition of MINDset direct (MINDset.)  By adding MINDset’s specialized services to its capabilities, CDR Fundraising Group has significantly expanded the middle-donor, sustainer and planned-giving marketing programs it can offer its nonprofit clients.

How do you end a fundraising conference on a note that will keep people around for the final session? Not an easy task, but one the DMA Nonprofit Federation seems to have accomplished. The last session of the 2008 Washington Nonprofit Conference, which took place in Washington, D.C., last week, was fairly well attended. It helped that there were prizes to be had, but the big draw was the promise of a session that wrapped up all the key points of the previous two days worth of sessions. In all, five panelists were on board for the rehash. Dana Weinstein, director of membership at

According to the recently released Giving USA, there are now more than a million nonprofit organizations operating in the United States. This increased competition means today's donors are being bombarded — and our messages are becoming lost in a sea of appeals from other charities. By making your communications more relevant, you can cut through this current — and straight to the heart of your donor.

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