Kimberly Seville

I love, love, LOVE this comment we received from a reader who responded to Kimberly Seville’s April installment of DM Diagnosis, where she talked about the importance of organizations sending out timely thank-yous to donors.

Faced with declining donations of both food and money, the Food Bank For New York City relies on hard-to-swallow statistics to rally supporters in its effort to bring wholesome food to struggling New Yorkers. In her story, "Filling the Void," FS Managing Editor Abny Santicola examines the specifics of the organization's fundraising success.

I’m beginning to think I’ve been placed on the equivalent of a No Fly List in one nonprofit’s direct-marketing database. Here’s what happened …

In her To the Point column, Katya Andresen offers 10 ways to keep your year-end e-appeals off the “naughty” list.

Breaking news! Columnist Jeff Brooks reads the National Enquirer! And in his Easier Said Than Done column, he explains why you should, too!

And in DM Diagnosis, regular contributor Kimberly Seville breaks down two successful and very different direct-mail appeals that have one thing in common: feathers!

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