Jean Block

In the webinar "Charity? Or Mission-Driven Business?" in May, Jean Block and Randy Gleason, principals of Social Enterprise Ventures, explained the basics of social enterprise and shared tips regarding the necessary steps involved in getting started.

The FundRaising Success webinar, "Finding New Funding Options in Tough Economic Times," last week featured an all-star cast of fundraising mavens who presented strategies, tips and tangible examples for nonprofits looking to not just survive but also thrive during the current economic downturn.

Often, seeking funding from traditional sources is like filling a funnel— you receive money from grants, sponsorships, donations, and pour the money into the funnel, use it up and have to work like crazy to keep the funnel filled. And the money in the funnel usually comes with strings attached defining how you use it, report it, etc. Funnel-filling becomes an endless cycle. Wouldn’t it be great to have a regular source of unrestricted income that you could use for operating expenses or new programs or whatever your agency needs to better fulfill its mission? This concept of unrestricted income isn’t a pipe dream.

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