Virginia Beach

John Melia is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He’s got what seems at first to be the naïve determination of a child building sand castles at water’s edge, not quite cognizant of the fact that the surf could swoop in at any moment and wreak havoc. It’s a refreshing assessment. But it’s also wrong. At 42, the wounded Gulf War vet and founder and executive director of the Jacksonville, Fla.-based Wounded Warrior Project is far from naïve about the way nonprofit organizations have historically worked. He just cuts the crap and focuses on how they should work. And in the case of WWP, how

Women need peace of mind, comprehensive thinking and minimal stress in the process of estate planning, write Lynne Marie Kohm, J.D., professor of family law at Regent University’s School of Law in Virginia Beach, Va., and Mark L. James, J.D., in their new book, “Estate Planning Success for Women: How to Plan Your Estate With Foresight, Clarity and Thoughtfulness for the Benefit of Those You Love.”

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