Takoma Park

I’ve heard the confused refrain over and over, from friends, colleagues and certainly my wife, “This Twitter thing everyone is talking about … I just don’t GET IT. Who CARES what you had for breakfast this morning!?” They are referring to the 140-character “micro-blog” messages that users publish to a web page for a list of “followers” interested in what they have to say.

A less than stellar charity rating … getting blasted in a blog … or, maybe, a CEO that gets caught in a scandal. Any of these situations are bound to leave an organization’s phones ringing with calls from confused, frustrated or even angry donors. How does an organization relax those donors, calm their fears and address their concerns? Start with common sense. This according to Kim Daley, donor services assistant for Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres USA, a co-presenter of the session “Managing Donor Anger: Turning the Tide in Your Favor” at the 2008 New York Nonprofit Conference earlier this month. “Be a

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