Relief operations have been constrained by the security situation in Somalia. But Islamist militant group al-Shabab last week announced it was lifting a ban on foreign aid organizations because of the severity of the drought.

The U.K.'s Disasters Emergency Committee has launched an appeal after severe drought in the Horn of Africa. The Disasters Emergency Committee said Somalia, where there has been no national government for 20 years, was one of the hardest places in the world to deliver aid.

Mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs — all pretty common buzzwords in the for-profit world. But, increasingly, savvy nonprofits are realizing the benefits of looking outside themselves and introducing a variety of new ventures under the umbrella of their firmly established brand.

The right projects can help an organization expand or enhance the breadth of services it offers or the reach of its service area. They can bring in new supporters and volunteers, or engage existing ones in new ways. And they can, ultimately, mean more donations.

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