Lebanon Daily News, May 29, 2009 — A Lebanon philanthropist recently donated $1 million to the HACC Foundation, ensuring that students attending HACC’s Lebanon Campus will be able to receive financial aid for perpetuity.

Even in these grim economic times, institutions like the Whitney Museum of American Art are able to continue building their collections. Some are gifts from donors unaffected by the financial markets; others are acquisitions in the works before things grew ugly; and then there is art that seemed out of reach before but is now available because of changing fortunes.

I can’t tell you how many times over the past years that I have been at direct-marketing and fundraising conferences and heard, “If only our organization had disaster or emergency response within our scope — we could raise big dollars too!” Nonprofits of all sizes will, at some point, face some level of emergency. Those organizations that have proven and practiced plans in place before the fact, and act quickly to respond to issues in the media, will find fundraising success. Take the example of a small organization that has worked on issues in the Middle East for more than

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