NEW YORK, May 22, 2009 — BTIG LLC, an institutional broker dealer specializing in trading and related brokerage services, today announced that it will donate more than $3 million raised during its 7th Commissions for Charity Day to a host of children's charities, including The Michael J. Fox Foundation, The Eli Manning Pediatrics Fund, A Little Hope, Autism Speaks and Jacobs Cure.

For almost two decades, the Church Street School for Music and Art has been a place where New York City kids can learn to strum a guitar, hit the high notes and build a gingerbread house. The nonprofit community arts center’s enrollment grows every year, along with its need donation dollars. To find out more about Church Street and its fundraising challenges and experiences, check out FundRaising Success’ interview with the school’s director of development, Nick Gaudreau. FundRaising Success: Tell us a little about the organization. Nick Gaudreau: Founded in 1990, Church Street School for Music and Art is a nonprofit community

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