Cambridge, MA

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., November 4, 2009 — Many nonprofit organizations can significantly improve their impact on social problems and their operations, by adapting some of the private sector`s data-driven performance measurement standards, according to a book released today by Root Cause (, a national nonprofit advisory organization.

AUSTIN, Texas, September 21, 2009 — When it comes to online giving to charity, Alexandria, VA, Cambridge, MA and Minneapolis, MN topped thelist as the nation`s most generous cities based on per capita giving in 2008. The three cities are also leading the way in online giving for 2009. When it comes to cities of less than 100,000 people, Paramus, NJ so far tops the list of dollars given in 2009 followed by Princeton, NJ and Georgetown, TX.A new report by Convio ranks 273 cities (with total population of
more than 100,000) based on actual per capita online giving and more than 1,700 cities of less than 100,000 people based on the amount donated online. The 2008 rankings are based on the more than $777 million in online donations processed by Convio on behalf of thousands of the nation`s leading nonprofit organizations during the calendar year. The current rankings come from donations processed between January 1 and August 31, 2009.

Target Analytics, a Blackbaud (Nasdaq: BLKB) company, today released the 2008 donorCentrics™ Internet Giving Benchmarking Analysis. Key findings from the Analysis indicate that over the past few years, online giving has become an increasingly significant source of new donor acquisition, and integrating online and offline fundraising channels is key to long term success.

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