6435 Tidewater Drive Norfolk, VA 23509 Phone: 757.321.7645 Web: Annual operating budget: $55.6 million for fiscal year 2009 Contributed income: $57.1 million contributed income for fiscal year 2008 Mission: (From Throughout the world, Operation Smile volunteers repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate for sustainable health care systems for children and families. About Operation Smile: Dr. William P. Magee Jr. and his wife, Kathleen, started Operation Smile after they traveled to the Philippines with a group of volunteer doctors to repair children’s facial abnormalities more than 25 years ago. Now, the organization conducts medical missions at

Through a program called Free is Free, e-mail security software is free for the taking for nonprofit organizations small and large that provide things such as food, medicine, shelter, emergency services and education to children in need.

The program is being offered by Newburyport, Mass.-based e-mail security company Declude. It was inspired by an encounter that Declude CEO Rich Person had with Pennye Nixon-West, founder of ETTA Projects, a Seattle-based organization that provides education, economic opportunities, food and health care to help Bolivian mothers feed their families and escape poverty.

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