World Wildlife Fund

Above and Beyond
July 1, 2006

Getting people to write checks to support your organization can be tough. But what of those folks who already are writing you a check every year? What of your members?

Membership-based organizations offer a variety of benefits to members, but the support can’t — or shouldn’t — stop there. Loyal-member lists often offer the best leads for potentially larger gifts, but the question is how to get members to see the “added benefit” of giving above and beyond their membership dues.

What's New
May 1, 2006

The right mix of technologies can help your organization convert annual and even ermegency donors into committed monthly givers.

The Importance of ‘Thank You’
January 1, 2006

As your mother said, saying “thank you” is really important. For nonprofit organizations, it’s essential. In fact, if you don’t express gratitude quickly and well, your donors are likely to give somewhere else.

Working Lunch
September 1, 2004

Over blush iced tea and mushroom risotto, I recently had the pleasure of discussing fundraising with a handful of nonprofit professionals. The occasion was MKTG Services’ Garden Party luncheon at the lovely Nora’s restaurant in D.C., and I had been given carte blanche to talk about anything I wanted. I took the opportunity to share the general impressions that I’ve formulated in the year that I’ve been the editor of FundRaising Success.

Keep It Simple
January 1, 2004

In the last issue, we examined the masterful “thank-you” mailing from Disabled American Veterans that featured patriotism and guilt as the copy drivers. This time, let us look at a long-running control from the World Wildlife Fund that sticks five sharp knives in the reader’s gut — fear, guilt, anger, greed and salvation.

What’s more, this renewal effort (that also is used in acquisitions) is a model of simplicity. For all the razzle-dazzle, high-tech printing and production techniques available, it often is the simple printed letter that packs the biggest wallop and costs the least in the mail.