Target Analysis Group

The Young and the Restless
February 1, 2007

Someone 20 years old, or 30 or 40 — even 50 — might never become a direct-mail donor. He or she probably will give online from the beginning. And there’s evidence that online donors might act quite differently than their direct-mail responsive parents and grandparents.

Six Qualities of Passionate Donors
March 14, 2006

Six Qualities of Passionate Donors March 14, 2006 By Abny Santicola, associate editor, FundRaising Success Passion motivates individuals to give major gifts to an organization or institution. That according to Chuck Longfield, chief executive and founder of Cambridge, Mass.-based direct-response fundraising firm Target Analysis Group, in a session during last month's DMA Nonprofit Federation 2006 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. Longfield said passionate donors: 1. Give more often, at higher dollar amounts and for longer periods of time. 2. Donate more to your organization than to other organizations. 3. Are interested in everything your organization does. They donate; attend events; purchase from your