Firsthand Tales of Creativity and Success: SAAGNY Foundation Tumbler
April 1, 2015

As both a fundraiser and awareness piece for the SAAGNY Foundation, Rhonda Blum created and sold custom-decorated tumblers from Gordon Sinclair for $10 apiece. The mugs carried 12 co-sponsor decorations on them, each sold for between $75 and $100, and were sold at various SAAGNY and SAAGNY Foundation events.

2015 Fundraising Resource Guide
December 1, 2014

Here’s to your continued success and growth in 2015 and beyond. And here’s to finding the right partners to help you along the way with the 2015 Fundraising Resource Guide.

Charitable Gifts of Bitcoin: Tax, Appraisal, Legal and Processing Considerations
November 7, 2014

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, such as Ripple and Litecoin, represent a total market capitalization of nearly $6 billion. Many large charities are eager to tap in to this market or have already received virtual donations, such as United Way Worldwide, which recently began accepting donations of Bitcoins. Smaller nonprofits have begun accepting the currency as well. This article discusses charitable donations of virtual currencies, including tax, appraisal, legal and processing considerations.

The Power to Succeed
May 12, 2014

Gain the Knowledge you need to succeed at the 2014 Bridge Conference, July 9-11, Gaylord National Hotel, outside of Washington, DC. Take advantage of:
*Choose from more than 70 educational session
*Visit our Solutions Showcase
*Attend our 3 general sessions
*Take your pick of our 3 pre-conference workshops

4 Lessons From Psychology to Turn Your Members Into Donors
October 30, 2013

The easiest place to look for new donors is among your member base. Current members understand your value and enjoy your work. So how do you convert your current financially motivated members into donors who are philanthropically motivated to help your organization achieve its mission? Here are four ways to use human psychology to convert your members to donors: 1. Tell your story. 2. Listen. 3. Segment. Thanks and reinforce.

7 Surefire Options to Drive More Traffic to Your Site
October 11, 2013

If your website doesn’t have as many viewers as you would like, don’t fret. There are a variety of ways to easily drive more traffic to your site without paying for ad space or being too pushy. By becoming more involved in your business, building your social-media presence and following a few other tips, you will soon have hundreds or thousands more views regularly.

Dell Announces the #Inspire 100 to Kick Off Inspired Holiday Giving
November 20, 2012

Dell is unveiling the #Inspire 100, a compilation of leading influencers in entrepreneurship, philanthropy, education and media who have used technology to empower and inspire others. The #Inspire 100 list recognizes thinkers, designers and risk takers in four categories: World Changers, Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Tastemakers. The complete list has been unveiled on Dell’s Facebook page.

Today's Twitter Picks
August 8, 2012

Early tweets from the Bridge Conference, taking place at the Gaylord National in National Harbor, Md. Hash tag #BridgeConf.