Mobile Marketing and the Wizard of Oz
March 6, 2014

This year the Academy Awards featured a tribute to the classic and beloved film "The Wizard of Oz," in honor of the movie’s 75th anniversary. We think there is something everyone can learn from Oz … even about mobile fundraising! Here are a few famous lines from the classic movie and how we think you can apply them to your mobile program.

Mobile Text Campaign Ideas for Your End-of-Year Fundraising Efforts
November 7, 2013

Winter is rapidly approaching, and you are probably busy finalizing your end-of-year giving plans. Have you considered using mobile as a way to tie it all together? The first thing many people think about when it comes to mobile is text donations.  Mobile can indeed be used to ask donors for contributions, but limiting mobile to that narrow role is like using the Internet just for e-mail. The Internet has many uses — and so does mobile.