2009 Bridge Conference

5 Key Steps to Taking Your Video Viral
August 4, 2009

Using video online is a great strategy that allows organizations to deliver messages to constituents through blogs, social networks and other online gathering areas.

Six Key Attributes of Sticky Messages
July 28, 2009

Fundraisers spend time and resources creating messages for cases, proposals and campaigns. But how many of them actually stick?

In his session "Sticky Ideas: How to Make Your Fundraising Messages Powerful and Persuasive" at the 2009 Bridge Conference held last week near Washington, D.C., consultant Bernard Ross defined what makes ideas stick, why sticky ideas work and why they're essential to fundraising, and how they can be applied by fundraisers in their work with donors, board members and others.

Eight Key Principles for Diversifying Your Donor Base
July 28, 2009

The population of the U.S. is becoming more diverse, making it more and more imperative that nonprofits create messaging that's relevant to multicultural audiences to engage them as donors, volunteers and allies. This was the focus of the session "Multicultural Resource Development: Effective Practices to Broaden Your Donor Base" at the 2009 Bridge Conference held just outside D.C. last week.

Positioning Your Board for Effective Fundraising
July 28, 2009

Very few organizations can say their boards are as aggressive in fundraising as they'd like them to be. If you feel that your board might be leaving much-needed money on the table, there are things you can do to enhance its fundraising effectiveness.