Staffing & Human Resources

Public Agenda Announces Executive Promotions
February 23, 2009

Public Agenda, the nonprofit, nonpartisan civic engagement and research organization, today announced that Will Friedman has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer. In addition, Alison Kadlec has been named Vice President of Public Engagement and Director of Public Agenda's Center for Advances in Public Engagement (CAPE), which researches, develops and disseminates new insights and practices to build the field of civic engagement and citizen-centered politics.

New CEO Named for Colorado Nonprofit Association
February 13, 2009

Renny Fagan — a former lawmaker, state official and U.S. Senate aide — has been named president and CEO of the Colorado Nonprofit Association (CNA), a statewide trade, research and advocacy group with some 1,300 charity members.

IMA President Paul Derstine Announces Retirement
February 9, 2009

Paul Derstine, president and chief executive officer of IMA World Health for 17 years, has announced his decision to retire late in 2009. During his tenure, IMA has grown from a small non-profit distributor of donated medical products to an internationally recognized leader in the global health care arena.

Leadership Tips
April 1, 2008

Here are some useful approaches leaders I have worked with from both the nonprofit and for-profit sector are using. You may find them inspirational. Retain important human capital. * Train and empower employees. Many employees are looking for growth and development, not just money. * Invest in young, innovative minds and allow them to be creative. Innovative thinkers are not just for the technology world. Stay fresh and relevant with young talent in order to continue making a difference. Take risks. * Explore new approaches to meet your business and customer needs. These approaches may be in human resources, fundraising or even the delivery

So You Got A New Job, Huh?
April 16, 2007

After a year as a consultant and a reporter-at-large for Fundraising Success magazine, I was offered a full-time employment opportunity by one of my nonprofit clients, the United Spinal Association. I was excited about getting back on the “other” side of the desk again. This would be my first new job since becoming director of fundraising for Consumers Union more than eight years ago. That seemed to me like the distant past (in a galaxy far, far away), and I was trying to remember what I did when starting at CU. My first day at United Spinal was supposed to be Jan. 2 but, under the

The Care and Feeding of the Creative Mind
February 6, 2007

Breakthrough creative. Everyone wants it. Few achieve it. If you’re on the client side and want to get the most out of your creative partners, here are a few tips on how to play the muse to your creative team. 1. Provide useful background In the “olden days” before the Internet, I used to ask all new clients for annual reports, articles, press releases, direct-mail samples and other printed materials to get a feel for the mission, tone and voice of the organization. Today, much of that background information is available online. It’s generally a good thing, but only if the client Web

How to Get to the Top
January 22, 2007

Following are some things to keep in mind if you want to rise to the top of your field -- whether in nonprofit fundraising or any other field -- and a few caveats about how to stay there once you do. How to get to the top 1. Don’t work for anyone or anything you don’t admire. 2. If you aren’t excited about your job or your field, change jobs or fields. 3. Don’t be afraid to fail. 4. Do every possible job in your company -- at least briefly. 5. Be 100 percent dependable; do what you promise -- and on time.