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Atlas of Giving: U.S. Charitable Giving Tops $450 Billion in 2014
February 2, 2015

(Press release, Jan. 28, 2015) — Atlas of Giving shared the 2014 final report on charitable giving in the United States and released the initial 2015 giving forecast. As noted in the final report, Americans gave a record $456.7 billion to charity in 2014. According to the year-end report, total donations grew by 9.3 percent over 2014, fueled by favorable economic factors that drive giving, an increase in the number of nonprofit organizations, the impact of donor-advised funds, as well as advances in fundraising technology and techniques.

Why Most Fundraising Campaigns Are Long-Term Failures
February 2, 2015

By definition a campaign is a short-term event. There is a specific project and a time-limited, specific goal. And that's where, in most cases, the problem starts. I say "most cases" because I have met some fundraisers who have this right.

Some Charities to Refuse Money From U.S. Financier Accused in Sex Case
February 2, 2015

Some charities that have received money from U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein said they are reviewing their relationships with him or will decline to accept any future gifts from him in the wake of recent allegations he forced an underage girl to have sex with Britain's Prince Andrew and other powerful men.

Epstein, who pleaded guilty in 2008 to procuring an underage girl for prostitution, has burnished his reputation as a philanthropist through a series of foundations that he says have given millions of dollars to charity.

Boston College Center for Study of Wealth and Philanthropy Will Close
February 2, 2015

For nearly a half-century, Boston College’s Center on Wealth and Philanthropy has taken an unusual approach to studying the charitable giving of the very rich, examining not just how much they give but why they do it and asking whether great wealth comes with an ethical obligation to be financially generous.

Now, as Boston is enjoying one of the most affluent periods in its history, the center is preparing to close.

Good Leaders Know People — Including Oneself
February 1, 2015

As leaders, we often need to spend a lot of time dealing with abstract issues, such as policies, strategies, financials, goals or customer data. If we aren't careful, we can begin to think that it is in these areas where leadership lies. But an organization is made up of people. These individuals determine its success or failure, and as their leaders, we have to think first about the people we lead.

Change Equals Opportunity
February 1, 2015

Change equals opportunity. And with opportunity, great things are possible. That's why FundRaising Success had to become NonProfit PRO.

Welcome to NonProfit PRO
February 1, 2015

From this day on, we are retiring the FS name and rebranding as NonProfit PRO. Why? Because just as fundraisers must keep up with the times on channels, donor preferences and technology, we must keep with the trends in the nonprofit sector.