Major Gifts

A Nonprofit Dream Weaver
July 1, 2004

Not all leaders with vision have the ability to fund their own dreams, writes Nick G. Costa, senior vice president of fund development for Stamford Health System and author of the new book, Dream Builders: Everything You Need to Know to Achieve Your Organization’s Most Ambitious Dreams with TOP GIFTS™ Fundraising.

Take A Lesson from the Old School
March 1, 2004

That dream. We’ve all had it: You’re back in school, sitting down to take the final exam, and you haven’t attended a class all semester. And the exam is on advanced Russian or trigonometry … or nuclear physics.

That’s how it can feel to walk into a major-gift meeting without being properly prepared. It’s that make-it-or-break-it moment, the final exam that will decide your grade.

Mining for Major Gifts
November 1, 2003

Major gifts make it possible for nonprofits to perpetuate their missions, so it behooves fundraisers to gain donor trust and respect. One of the best ways to do that, according to Laura Fredericks, author of “Developing Major Gifts: Turning Small Donors Into Big Contributors,” is to be sensitive to donor concerns.