Fundraiser Education

The Importance of Having Support on the Job
March 17, 2009

Fundraising can be a tough job. There’s usually more to do than we can get done, and there’s a constant need for increased funding. Even in a prosperous year, working in fundraising isn’t for the faint-of-heart. This year, with the unsteady economy and the sense of gloom hanging in the air, it can be downright stressful.

UK Centre for Philanthropy Studies Opens Doors
March 10, 2009

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have teamed up with groups from the universities of Strathclyde, Kent, Southampton, and Cass Business School to form a new centre that will support research into charity and philanthropy.

Part-time Nonprofit and NGO Leadership Program on the Way
March 2, 2009

Graduate student Van Evans worked at a nonprofit with homeless children in Latin America for 12 years before he decided to hone his leadership skills and get some insight into the nonprofit sector by enrolling in Penn's master's program in nonprofit and nongovernmental organization leadership.