Right From the Headlines: Your Fundraising To-Do List
May 8, 2014

Some news we read or hear seems far removed from our jobs as fundraisers — but is that true? There are headlines that may not seem relevant, but they need to stir you to action so you can make sure your nonprofit avoids being the headline story next month or next year. Anything that potentially can impact fundraising has to be the business of fundraisers. You don't have to run it or repair it, but you have to understand it enough to give your donors assurances and to make certain it remains a priority for the organization. So what are these headlines?

The Problem With Donor Recognition
March 7, 2014

Donors are recognized in many forms from handwritten thank-you notes to names on buildings. As the recognition level increases in permanence, the stakes are higher for potential problems.

Maybe It's Time for a Reread … of the Donor Bill of Rights
March 6, 2014

True confession from this old dog — I hadn’t looked at the Donor Bill of Rights in a while. It seemed like a good assignment to give to students of fundraising. But it ended up being a good assignment for me, too. Maybe today is when you need to put some working clothes on your genius and read it over with a fresh set of eyes.

A Personal Apology
September 6, 2013

On Sept. 4, some Today in Fundraising subscribers (and folks who have opted in to some of FS' other e-mail lists) received an e-mail from me with the subject line: "The most important link you'll ever click."

China's Red Cross Branches Urged To Enhance Transparency
July 25, 2011

The Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) has ordered its branches to enhance transparency in donations and expenditures following a series of scandals that had shaken public trust in the government-sponsored charity organization.

The RCSC said in an online statement that information about donations, expenditures, charity material purchases, and the allocation of the donations should all be open and transparent to the public.

N.J. Plan Would Require Charities to Tell Donors They Can Earmark Money for Programs
July 21, 2011

New Jersey regulators have proposed a rule that would require charities to tell donors that they can earmark their money for specific programs.

The proposal aims to ensure that donors aren’t being misled by solicitations that highlight programs that may actually get little of the money that is raised.

But it is causing concern at nonprofits in the state, which say that it would be an administrative burden and curtail the ability of charities to decide how best to spend their money.