'Obama Effect' at School: Black Parents Volunteer, Expect More
August 7, 2009

August 6, 2009, USA TODAY — A new survey suggests that President Obama's victory last November had a positive effect not just on the academic expectations of black Americans — it may have raised parents' interests in volunteerism.

In Tough Times, Volunteering In America Remains Strong
July 28, 2009

Washington, D.C., July 27, 2009 — A new report released today by the Corporation for National and Community Service finds that even during a time of prolonged economic recession, volunteering has remained steady, fueled by a compassion boom led by young adults and a wave of do-it-yourself volunteers working with their neighbors to fix problems.

Positioning Your Board for Effective Fundraising
July 28, 2009

Very few organizations can say their boards are as aggressive in fundraising as they'd like them to be. If you feel that your board might be leaving much-needed money on the table, there are things you can do to enhance its fundraising effectiveness.

Convio Study Finds Key Practices That Turn Nonprofit Event Participants Into More Successful Fundraisers
July 14, 2009

AUSTIN, Texas, July 14, 2009 —  Convio today released a guide for nonprofit professionals and event organizers that can help them turn event participants into more successful fundraisers. The guide, created based on a study and interviews with some of the most successful participant fundraisers in the country, is available to nonprofit professionals at