Nell Edgington

Nell Edgington

Nell Edgington is president of Social Velocity.

Why Your Board Should Raise 10 Percent of Your Nonprofit’s Budget

If we really want to see a shift in how the nonprofit sector is funded, we need to make some pretty radical changes to business as usual. So start to entertain the idea. What would it look like if your board brought in 10 percent of your annual budget?

How to Recruit a Fundraising Board

You must move away from scarcity-based board recruitment where you beg people to fill vacant holes on your board and instead create a recruitment strategy that identifies the right people with the right skills, experience and networks who will become your partners in bringing more money in the door.

Break Free From the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle

The nonprofit starvation cycle is one nonprofit leaders know only too well. Nonprofit organizations rarely have the technology, staff and systems to function effectively. So they scrape by trying to wring one more drop out of a completely dry rock. But instead of waiting for funders to fix the situation, it is up to nonprofit leaders themselves to break free. And you break free by raising capacity capital.

Stop Hitting Your Head Against the Fundraising Wall

It is so inspiring to see people who are on the front lines of creating stronger schools, neighborhoods and communities in this country suddenly realize that it doesn't have to be so hard. You can stop beating your head against the fundraising wall.

How to Find and Keep a Great Fundraiser

If you want to attract and retain someone who will develop a sustainable financial engine for your nonprofit, don’t leave your fundraiser out in the cold. Fully integrate your head fundraiser into your organization, and provide the tools, support and resources necessary to succeed.

5 Nonprofit Trends to Watch in 2013

I’m more of an optimist than fortune-teller, but the nonprofit sector is changing in some exciting ways. And I, for one, am excited to see what the new year brings. Following are five trends we should watch for.

Connect Fundraising to Your Strategic Plan

If fundraising is the biggest challenge of the nonprofit sector, then strategic planning is second only to it. The crazy thing is, if you connect the two (strategic planning and raising money) you not only are more financially sustainable, but you also achieve more social change.

How to Create a Fundraising Message That Works

To persuade donors to give amid an increasingly competitive nonprofit landscape, you must move your messaging away from organizational needs and toward social impact. In so doing, you will enjoy an individual donor base that is more invested, engaged and committed to the work your nonprofit does in the community.

How to Raise Money to Build Your Nonprofit’s Capacity

Money to build nonprofit organizations isn’t just lying around. But with a compelling argument for how money to build an organization can result in much greater impact, many more donors can become builders.

4 Things Every Nonprofit Needs

The nonprofits that will emerge from this recession stronger, more effective and better able to really tackle the many problems facing us are those organizations that have taken a step back and put in place the building blocks that will move them forward.