Michael Cornnell

Michael Cornnell
Firsthand Tales of Creativity and Success: A Church Giveaway Bag

A rush order on about a week's notice for a local nonprofit might seem like an unlikely beginning for a great promotion, but for Jammie Hsu, owner of Las Vegas-based Proforma Element 7, that's exactly how it started. The weekend before Mother's Day 2012, one of Hsu's repeat clients, Victory Missionary Baptist Church, called and asked her to help put together a giveaway bag for the upcoming holiday.

Firsthand Tales of Creativity and Success: SAAGNY Foundation Tumbler

As both a fundraiser and awareness piece for the SAAGNY Foundation, Rhonda Blum created and sold custom-decorated tumblers from Gordon Sinclair for $10 apiece. The mugs carried 12 co-sponsor decorations on them, each sold for between $75 and $100, and were sold at various SAAGNY and SAAGNY Foundation events.

Responsible Buying for Nonprofit Needs

Trust is a fine and valuable part of any nonprofit relationship, but when it comes to product safety, the old adage of "trust, but verify" has never been more applicable. A misstep on safety or compliance could potentially cost your organization thousands—if not much, much more—and untold brand damage, all over something you could have caught in the verification process had you known what to look or ask for.

Firsthand Tales of Creativity and Success

Lisa Mummert, senior account executive for Image Source Inc. in Santa Rosa, Calif., shared a promotion she and a winery created to support Murphy-Goode Operation Homefront, an organization that provides financial and practical aid to veterans in need. They sent thank-you bundles to veterans that included USBs loaded with information about Operation Homefront.

Keeping It in Budget

To make branded products economically feasible for your smaller nonprofit, it’s important to make every dollar count. Here are some ideas to do just that.