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Solutions to nonprofits' biggest challenges

“Cutting through all the noise” “Maximizing peer-to-peer fundraiser experiences with a limited amount of staff” “Not knowing how to get started with mobile giving” “Burnout of my base”

We recently asked nonprofits to share their biggest challenges. And, surprisingly, it didn’t matter what part of the country the nonprofit was from, how big their staff was, or how much donation volume they did each year. Most of the challenges were the same across nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.

41.8% Fundraising
24.2% Marketing
21.8% Organization
12.2% Donors

We have a rule at CrowdRise that you can’t present problems without also presenting some ideas for how to solve them, so we quickly went to work to outline some solutions and put ‘em all in our newest eGuide.

Download it now and check out our list of ideas that your nonprofit could start implementing to make these ‘biggest challenges’ a little less challenging.

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