Vinay Bhagat

August 14, 2009, DM News — Online fundraising offers nonprofits the opportunity to reach new audiences while building stronger relationships with existing constituents who are spending more time on the Internet. For organizations used to communicating via direct mail and telemarketing, embarking on a digital strategy presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Here, Pamela Barden, VP and group director, Russ Reid; Debbi Barber, president, Grizzard Communications Group; Vinay Bhagat, chief strategy officer, Convio; and Angie C. Moore, SVP and GM, fundraising services group at Merkle offer their Dos and Don'ts when it comes to online fundraising.

Whether it be channel preferences, communication approaches or donor expectations, the fundraising landscape is changing.

In his session, "Power Shift: Succeeding Online in a Donor Centric World," at Fund Raising Day in New York 2009 earlier this month, Vinay Bhagat, founder, chairman and chief strategy officer at Convio, discussed the myriad ways fundraising is transforming and keys to fundraising success amidst the transformations.

Convio, Inc., today announced the results of its annual Convio Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study. Viewed by many as the de facto standard for measuring online results for nonprofits, this year’s study indicates that online engagement — whether it is fundraising, advocacy or building a constituent database — continues to see positive growth even in a down economy.

As nonprofit organizations continue to face increased competition and economic stress, leveraging technology and special event strategies for fundraising and awareness can prove valuable in helping organizations successfully achieve their goals and more effectively move people to support their mission. Convio and Event 360, Inc., with support from the Run Walk Ride Council, compiled five best practices that nonprofits can implement to increase fundraising growth and event participation based on joint research into some of the nation’s most successful charity fundraising events.

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