Simon Collings

News From the Resource Alliance, Sept. 17 (London) — Global, civil society capacity-building organisation the Resource Alliance announces the launch of a major new fundraising initiative — the Fundraisers Fund, which will allow fundraisers in developed countries to give direct financial support the their colleagues in the developing world. The need for training and development in fundraising is huge. Civil society is expanding rapidly around the world, but voluntary sector organisations are generally poorly resourced. Opportunities to mobilise funds locally from an expanding middle class, from nationals living in developed economies, and from the corporate sector are all there — but few people currently

In the last few years, I have conducted sessions on fundraising at about 20 workshops in 14 “developing” countries — in Latin America, Africa and Asia. I’ve met amazing people and come across many examples of successful local-resource mobilization. There’s some very sophisticated fundraising happening in Latin America and Asia. Much of the cutting-edge work is being done by international NGOs like UNICEF and Greenpeace, but there’s also a growing band of indigenous nonprofits that are using professional fundraising techniques.

This month, as we turn our focus to the international face of fundraising, I’m turning over my column and a large part of the editorial planning for the issue to the charismatic, highly regarded Tony Elischer, who very kindly agreed to act as Guest Editor.

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