Nancy Pelosi

If the 2008 election was about hope and change, the 2010 midterm campaign, judging by its direct mail, was mostly focused on anger. That's the most obvious takeaway based on a review of the fundraising appeals and campaign fliers that we've seen during the year. Whether directed at President Obama, or at congressional leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, this emotional touchpoint dominated political mail like it hasn't since the days of Bill Clinton.

With the dust beginning to settle after election 2010, now is a good time to take a look at the role direct mail played in how the parties and candidates raised money and turned voters out to the polls ... or not. As with every election, there were new movements and people wrestling for power, but the mail they sent was, with very few exceptions, pretty traditional.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a long time volunteer and supporter of St. Anthony's, will be at St. Anthony's on Sunday, February 8th to serve the organization's historic 35th million meal, with a press conference following. California State Senator Mark Leno will also be on hand to participate in the momentous event. With recent findings by the USDA that 35 million people (12 percent of Americans) could not put food on the table at least part of last year, and with a pending Economic Recovery Package that has passed in the House and is moving forward in the Senate, the Speaker's visit is both timely and appropriate.

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