Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman is the vice president of customer experience at The GLD Shop, the leading online retailer of hip-hop jewelry worldwide. Previously, he was director of e-commerce and customer service at Rainbow Shops with over 17 years of experience in the retail world at top brands such as Paragon Sports, GAP Inc., and Eon Booksellers. His expertise includes strategizing and implementing omnichannel growth, new market expansion, divisional growth/reconstruction, as well as technology integration and implementation. In both his current and former roles he has overseen multiple divisions of multimillion/billion-dollar e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Using video online is a great strategy that allows organizations to deliver messages to constituents through blogs, social networks and other online gathering areas.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 28, 2009 — Continuing its growth as a national provider of interactive services to the nonprofit and cause community, See3 Communications announced today at the Nonprofit Technology Conference a strategic partnership with Kaltura, the first open-source video platform. The partnership makes See3 a primary channel to bring Kaltura to nonprofits and extends Kaltura's growing influence as a preferred video solution. In addition, the Kaltura solution is now powering video on DoGooderTV, the video services and promotion site powered by See3, and home to the annual Nonprofit Video Awards.

We really liked what Adams Hussey’s Kim Cubine had to say in a recent guest rant at The Agitator, Roger Craver and Tom Belford’s blog. Kim was ranting in reaction to a feature about online fundraising versus direct mail in a recent article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy. With thanks to Tom and Roger, we’re excerpting the post here. “‘Direct mail is on life support,’ says Michael Hoffman, chief executive of See3, a Chicago consulting firm that specializes in nonprofit fundraising and communications. ‘Charities that have relied on direct mail to get new donors have to start thinking about what’s next, or they will

Authenticity and transparency are key factors when it comes to retaining donors. These days, donors want to see clearly that their donation had an impact before giving again. Michael Hoffman, CEO of visual media and Internet marketing firm See3 Communications, co-presented a session at the Bridge Conference a few weeks ago on using video and the Internet to attract and retain donors and members. Hoffman says videos can connect supporters to the work that organizations are doing in remote places in a way that direct mail, brochures and even static Web sites can’t. “People respond to stories and respond to real lives that

That dream. We’ve all had it: You’re back in school, sitting down to take the final exam, and you haven’t attended a class all semester. And the exam is on advanced Russian or trigonometry … or nuclear physics.

That’s how it can feel to walk into a major-gift meeting without being properly prepared. It’s that make-it-or-break-it moment, the final exam that will decide your grade.

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