Leslie Mollsen

It was 10 minutes past the time I was to meet someone in the lobby of the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel during the Nonprofit Technology Conference last month. I wandered through the atrium and took a seat alongside Rick Christ, president of NPAdvisors.com, and explained to him what was going on. “Twitter her,” Rick said. “Twitter her, and ask her what’s up.” I gave him the “blinkies” look — perfected during 22 years of parenting — that says, “What you have just said to me is so ridiculously out of the question that it is nearly incomprehensible.” To his credit, he held

“Let’s face it, a capital campaign is a big step. Many nonprofits have never launched one, yet they know that it’s an essential step to growth. Nonprofit executives often compare their first capital campaigns to taking a corporation ‘public’ — inviting new levels of scrutiny and demanding new levels of productivity in return for higher levels of achievement and prominence. Decades of experience have shown that a campaign feasibility study is the best planning tool for a capital campaign — one that enables a nonprofit of any size to realize the promise of expansion.” — John Biggins and Leslie Mollsen, in their story “The

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