Kenneth Grunke

Yesterday, the mother of a sick child Googled the name of a devastating disease. She got thousands of results, but the ones that interested her the most were links to your organization’s Web site; two stories from the national media; a handful of online support groups for patients and their families; a general health Web site with online communities dedicated to the disease; and one site focused exclusively on a heartsick father’s negative experience with an operator on your organization’s support line.

Pillars is the new name representing the integration of two well-established Chicago-area mental health/social services providers: Community Care Options, established in 1928, and Pillars Community Services, established in 1968. It serves more than 10,000 individuals in 38 communities. Here, FundRaising Success talks with Pillars director of individual and major giving, Kenneth Grunke. FundRaising Success: How does Pillars fund its mission? Kenneth Grunke: “[We fund our mission] through various local, school district, state, county and federal governmental agency contracts; contributions from individuals and organizations; special events; United Way agencies; and insurance/client fees.” FS: What are the biggest challenges Pillars faces as far as fundraising is

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