Jeremy Gregg

“Long hours, endless deadlines, unrelenting financial pressures … combine this with a heart full of passion, and it’s a recipe for a fire inside the spirit. A fire that can burn out what’s actually driving us to be here. I don’t have a magic recipe for getting out of this situation … but the following is usually helpful for me … ” — To read more of this March 30, 2007, post titled “Burn Out” by Jeremy Gregg, visit The Raiser’s Razor blog.

“Amidst the growing number of blogs about blogging, I’ve noticed a trend towards focusing on how blogs can be used as tools to tell people about your mission. Few, however, have talked about how blogs can be used AS mission.” So began a post by Jeremy Gregg, director of development for Central Dallas Ministries, on his blog The Raiser’s Razor last week in which he talked about the power of organizational blogs focused on mission. Gregg explained that Central Dallas Ministries has two blogs, neither of which are used specifically for fundraising purposes. But both affect fundraising. For example, CDM CEO Larry James’

“Although I would like to say ‘anything that gets more people to volunteer more often is a good thing,’ I think that we must strongly consider the ramifications of any action that seeks to mandate that which should be freely given.” So wrote Jeremy Gregg recently in a post on The Raiser’s Razor blog, referring to the proposal by U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd (D.-Conn.) to require high-school students to participate in volunteer service. Gregg listed some of the downsides he sees to forcing kids to volunteer, some of which are “significant inefficiencies and wasted resources”; a reinforcement of “the idea that volunteering is negative,

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