Eve Ensler

Well, not quite all. I only talked to the woman for about 20 minutes some three months ago. But she has stayed with me, and I learned enough to know that anyone who reads this magazine really should have a conversation with her. Eve is Eve Ensler, she of soft curves and sharp wit, the expressive, raven-haired spark plug that powers the worldwide movement to end violence against women that is V-Day. She also is the possessor of the brilliant mind that created the ever-evolving, sometimes wickedly funny and always painfully poignant “The Vagina Monologues” — which is the catalyst for V-Day’s mission. V-Day

“Say it! Say the word!” In a church basement in Philadelphia, a Women’s Ministry group is meeting to discuss an upcoming fundraiser. After a few minutes of conversation, the group’s leader points her finger at one of the attendees and yells, “Come on, say it!” “Say what?” the suddenly shy woman asks with a smirk. “Say the word!” “OK, fine … ” she finally concedes. “V … a … g … i … n … a!” With that, the other women raise a prolonged note like a heavenly choir that trails off into a fit of laughter. And the church’s male pastor, who really

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