Bruce Matthews

In a webinar last month titled "Positioning for Wealth Transfer," Campbell & Company Vice President Bruce Matthews talked about the need for organizations to prepare programs that take full advantage of this boon.

So you've probably heard talk here or there about "wealth transfer," the prediction that over the next few decades, an estimated $40 trillion or so will change hands as baby boomers and their parents pass on their accumulated assets to their children. But what does it mean for your organization, and how can you prepare for it?

Building a Case for Support Dec. 20, 2005 By Abny Santicola Capital campaigns are an essential component to universities' fundraising efforts. And with state funding for public institutions on a consistently downward slide, universities have had to step up their money garnered from such campaigns. Bruce Matthews, senior consultant and leader of the higher education practice at Chicago-based fundraising, executive search, and marketing and communications services firm Campbell & Co., should know. He's been working with higher-education institutions for 20 years on what he calls comprehensive campaigns. The first capital campaigns, Matthews explains, were done specifically to build new buildings or facilities, but

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