July, 29 2009 — Foundation Source, the nation’s leading provider of support services for private foundations, today announced that two senior executives have joined the leadership team of Foundation Source Advisors. Martha Campbell, based in Oakland CA, has been named Philanthropic Director, Western Region, and will work primarily with the company’s West Coast clients. Robert Burakoff, based in Arlington MA, has been named Senior Advisor, and will oversee Foundation Source’s consulting services nationwide and serve as a philanthropic resource for the company’s East Coast clients. They join a team that includes Sharon Schneider, Philanthropic Director, Central Region, and Page Snow, Foundation Source Chief Philanthropic Officer and President of Foundation Source Advisors, who is based in Fairfield, CT.

Through the end of the year, we’ll be running a “Meet Our Advisors” feature as a way to introduce readers to the members of our Editorial Advisory Board. This week, meet Clint O’Brien, vice president of business development at Care2, a social-network Web site that aims to help people make the world a better place by connecting them with individuals, organizations and responsible businesses making an impact. In this role, O’Brien works with more than 350 leading nonprofit organizations that choose Care2 as their preferred outlet for publicizing their causes, as well as recruiting new members, donors and advocacy supporters. Grew up in:

Men are a somewhat forgotten demographic in the fundraising world. Nonprofits have long created campaigns that target women, minorities or other specific groups, but men seem to fall by the wayside, lumped into other general campaigns.

This probably is a mistake. Those few groups that do target men as potential donors find that while men give to fewer causes than women do, they give more to those causes they support — and there are some proven ways to make your work their cause.

Want to spice up your golf tournament with a hole-in-one contest for a brand-new Hummer or a swanky four-bedroom house without worrying about the cost? How about splitting a million-dollar prize with a lucky donor at your next special event — knowing someone else will be picking up the tab?

If you’ve ever wondered how some organizations — and their sponsors — can risk the expense of giving away huge prizes, then welcome to the world of content and promotions insurance -- a powerful tool for building awareness, developing sponsorship packages and raising additional funds.

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