Bill J. Harrison

Wouldn’t it be grand to have a celebrity spokesperson for your charitable organization! Just imagine what that famous face could do: generate support for your capital campaign, recruit a legion of new volunteers, raise the profile of your organization or encourage the population to embrace your mission.

Leaving your fundraising job can be stressful, frustrating and depressing. We form close relationships with our colleagues, and when that ends, it’s like losing family. Here are some basic suggestions that will lessen the angst of moving to your next position. 1) Prepare to resign. Think through the process of leaving. Whom do you need to talk to? What employment documents are you entitled to? (Be sure you’re not taking copyrighted materials that are protected under Intellectual Property Laws such as donor lists or original documents.) 2) Give ample notice of your resignation. Three weeks to a month will suffice. 3) Make

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