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BEIJING - Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates and billionaire investor Warren Buffett plan to sell the art of giving to China's super rich in a visit later this month that's already sparked some soul searching among the world's second-largest number of billionaires. Reactions to Gates and Buffett's trip have been swift and varied: One prominent Chinese philanthropist quickly pledged his entire fortune to charity, while the head of a private foundation said Chinese businesses should be leery of emulating American-style charity donations before essential corporate standards such as worker's rights are improved.

U.S. billionaires pledging to give away at least half their wealth to charity can turn to the man in charge of Bill Gates' and Warren Buffett's philanthropy for advice -- but he doesn't want their donations. Since 2008 Jeff Raikes has been chief executive of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the world's largest charitable organizations with a $33 billion endowment funded by Microsoft(MSFT.O) founder Gates and investor Buffett. Raikes said the Gates and Buffett Giving Pledge campaign to urge America's rich to give away most of their fortunes during their lifetime or upon their death, which

America’s richest people should commit at least 50 percent of their net worth to charity, three of the nation’s wealthiest citizens said today.

Warren Buffett, who has committed 99 percent of his fortune to charity, along with Bill and Melinda Gates, who have given more than $28-billion to their foundation and say they plan to give a significant portion of their remaining wealth to good causes, issued the pledge.

April 22, 2010, Reuters — Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, billionaire Bill Gates and Queen Rania of Jordan will put their fame to work this week as they join a Twitter campaign to end malaria deaths.

Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Seacrest and other Hollywood celebrities have also joined the Twitter campaign. Starting on Wednesday, the participants will send out "tweets" encouraging the public to donate to buy bednets which guard against the mosquitoes that spread malaria in Africa.

Gates will also take part in TV charity fundraiser "Idol Gives Back" on Wednesday to promote the fight against malaria and other health causes.

Organizers of the Twitter fund-raising push are working with the United Nations Special Envoy for Malaria, Ray Chambers.

November 3, 2009, BBC — The web portal, entitled Hope Plus, aims to offer online tools to enable social projects such as building schools and fighting pollution.

UNION, Wash., August 27, 2009, USA Today — Everywhere he goes, Bill Gates is escorted by a mythic résumé. Mercenary software genius. Self-made billionaire. Passionate philanthropist.

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