Bernard Madoff

December 8, 2009, The Jewish Daily Forward - One year after the arrest of Bernard Madoff sent shockwaves through the world of Jewish philanthropy, only a handful of charities and foundations that had invested in Madoff’s funds have publicly outlined reforms of their investment processes. Many others have yet to identify measures taken to change these practices, while still others say they have little intention of doing anything differently at all.

September 1, 2009, Bloomberg — Irving Picard, the liquidator for Bernard Madoff’s investment business, said he might sue charities that took out more money than they invested with the imprisoned con man to force them to return the difference.

June 30, 2009, The Jerusalem Post — The sentencing of Bernard Madoff has ignited a media storm of interviews from unsuspecting victims, business associates who knew him (or thought they did) and reports about more Ponzi schemes discovered in the wake of the New York financier's crimes.

What do independent minyanim, JDub Records and the environmental group Hazon have in common? Seemingly nothing. Yet they’re all young Jewish startups founded in the past decade that are attracting legions of disconnected Jews. Together, these organizations make up what has been dubbed the “Jewish Innovation Sector.”

Julie Lucas, the head of fund-raising for Fordham Law School, is trying to raise $100 million at a time when few people are giving money and universities are still seen as having lots of it.

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