Nordstrom Opens N.Y. Store to Benefit Children's Charities
August 16, 2011

Nordstrom is opening a full-priced store in Manhattan called Treasure&Bond, with all profits of the store committed to charity.

Nordstrom says its charity efforts will go further than competitors who team up with nonprofit groups for campaigns. And all proceeds from the rather expensive merchandise go to children’s charities, Nordstrom says.

In addition, there are no plans to make it a for-profit store, said Peter E. Nordstrom, executive vice president and president of merchandising at Nordstrom. But he added that the company remained committed to opening a department store in New York City.

Delaware Valley College receives $30M gift from Warwick Foundation
September 14, 2010

The Warwick Foundation of Bucks County has made a gift of $29.8 million to Delaware Valley College as part of a $37 million final round of gift giving.

The gift includes a 398-acre property in Warwick, Pa., worth about $14.8 million that will become a second campus for the Doylestown, Pa.-based college; a $10 million endowment to maintain the new campus and fund its academic programs and initiatives; and $5 million in unrestricted funds.