The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Report: U.S. Foundations Underinvest in Nonprofit Leadership Development
March 7, 2015

(Press release, March 3, 2015) — The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) released "Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership: A (Missed?) Philanthropic Opportunity," part two of the "Smashing Silos in Philanthropy" series. The report tackles the philanthropic sector's chronic underinvestment in leadership development, with less than 1 percent of total grant dollars going toward developing and supporting grassroots leaders, according to data from 2003-2012.

Transparency in Philanthropy: Get on Board or Get Run Over
December 22, 2014

Is there a place for secrecy and anonymity in philanthropy? Some argue that there probably should be a place for anonymous giving and for privacy when setting and executing grantmaking strategy. It has become clear that secrecy isn’t really possible anymore. Technology and a shift in societal expectations have completely changed the game. Gone are the days when foundations and other donors could operate quietly below the radar. Those who give away large sums must get on board the transparency train or expect to get run over by it.

Nonprofits Struggle to Secure Multi-Year Grants, General Support Funding
November 5, 2012

Multi-year funding dipped and general operating support for nonprofits remained stagnant during the past several years. These are the findings of two new studies released today by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), the country’s independent watchdog of philanthropy. According to the The Philanthropic Landscape: The State of Multi-Year Funding, reported multi-year grantmaking in 2009 fell 21 percent to $5.5 billion during a time when total grantmaking declined only by 13 percent. General operating support (or core support) from 2008 to 2010 fared slightly better, according to The State of General Operating Support.

Arts Funding Doesn't Show Diversity, Report Finds
October 10, 2011

Billions of dollars in arts funding is serving a mostly wealthy, white audience that is shrinking while only a small chunk of money goes to emerging art groups that serve poorer communities that are more ethnically diverse, according to a report released Monday.

The report from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, a watchdog group, shows foundation giving has fallen out of balance with the nation's increasingly diverse demographics. The report was provided to The Associated Press before its release.

Report Shows that Foundation Giving in 4 Southern States Generated $4.7 Billion in Results for Impoverished Communities
May 13, 2011

Advocacy by nonprofit organizations over a five-year period has brought more than $4.7 billion in benefits to low-wage workers and families and other neglected populations, according to a new study commissioned by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.

The report titled "Strengthening Democracy, Increasing Opportunities: Impacts of Advocacy, Organizing and Civic Engagement in the Gulf/Midsouth Region" describes and monetizes the impact of 20 advocacy and community organizing groups from Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi between 2005-2009.

Reports Released on Benefits of Nonprofits to U.S. Communities
March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010, Washington, PRNewswire-USNewswire — Americans received extraordinary benefits from the policy advocacy and community organizing efforts by nonprofit organizations in their area, funded by foundations and other donors, according to a series of reports by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy ( 

Philanthropy Watchdog Group Welcomes New Board Members
September 16, 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 16, 2009  — The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy announced today the election of Ana Garcia-Ashley, Joy Persall, Cynthia Renfro and Gerald L. Taylor to the organization’s board of directors.

NCRP Statement Regarding the Philanthropy Roundtable's "How Public is Private Philanthropy: Separating Myth from Reality"
July 13, 2009

June 30, 2009 — The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) is pleased that the Philanthropy Roundtable is contributing to the dialogue in our sector about the public's role in private philanthropy. The monograph they recently published, How Public is Private Philanthropy: Separating Myth from Reality, explores many critically important issues and adds to ongoing discussions. Unfortunately, the authors asked the wrong questions and their conclusions miss the mark.