Dell Announces the #Inspire 100 to Kick Off Inspired Holiday Giving
November 20, 2012

Dell is unveiling the #Inspire 100, a compilation of leading influencers in entrepreneurship, philanthropy, education and media who have used technology to empower and inspire others. The #Inspire 100 list recognizes thinkers, designers and risk takers in four categories: World Changers, Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Tastemakers. The complete list has been unveiled on Dell’s Facebook page.

Smithsonian Launches Branding Campaign
September 24, 2012

The new Smithsonian Institution branding campaign, “Seriously Amazing,” makes a central bet: Visitors and would-be visitors across the country have questions, and the Smithsonian has answers.

Its icon is a question mark, and it features red, green and spacesuit-silver characters, all asking for info:

What has given us water from Mars and daggers from India?”

“How is hip-hop like the microchip?”

“What exactly does a bear do in the woods?”

The $1.4 million campaign, which has been two years in the making, launched Thursday with a preview for staff, regents and directors, and a new website.

A Dozen Year-End Fundraising Ideas
September 1, 2012

No time like the present to start your year-end fundraising planning. To get you going, our early Christmas gift to you is 12 new and old ideas to make this year even better than last — maybe your best ever!

Arm(adillo) Yourself — Again
August 9, 2012

The armadillo/leprosy connection points to the staying power of a good story, which is the backbone of truly successful fundraising efforts.

Target Launches $5 Million Campaign for Education
July 31, 2012

Target Corp. plans to donate $5 million to schools as part of its “Give With Target” initiative this fall. The two-part giving campaign provides $2.5 million in grants to in-need schools, as well as up to $2.5 million in Target gift cards to local schools through votes on Target’s Facebook page.
The Give With Target campaign will include $25,000 grants to 100 in-need schools just in time for the start of the school year. Schools will be selected by Target and announced throughout August and four of the schools will also receive a surprise celebration.

Do You Need a Post-Recession Turnaround?
May 23, 2012

It's been a tough few years for a lot of nonprofits.  But with life returning to the economy and many fundraisers reporting improved numbers, maybe now is the time for your turnaround. But know that there are some things you might be tempted to try that simply don't have the potential to create that big positive change you need to get back in the game like you used to be.

Target to Award $5 Million to Schools in Need
December 5, 2011

Target Corp., with help from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and its viewers, will select 50 schools in need to each receive a $100,000 grant. The $5 million donation from Target to local K-12 schools across the country is part of the company’s commitment to education, which includes plans to give $1 billion for education by the end of 2015.